Safety training course after Spring Festival

2024-02-18 17:00:30 hccasting

                      Shandong Angyi Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. officially started construction after the holiday on February 18, 2024. In order to ensure the smooth progress of safety production work in the new year, the company organized all employees to participate in the first publicity and training session before the start of work. The training was co-hosted by the company's general manager, Mr. Wang, and the head of the safety and environmental department, manager Nie, with the aim of improving employees' safety awareness and safe operation skills.

                During the training process, Mr. Wang explained the basic theories of safety management in simple and easy-to-understand terms, allowing employees to have a clearer understanding of the core concepts and principles of safety management. He further elaborated on the company's safety management policy, emphasizing the importance of "safety first, prevention first" and the work philosophy of full participation and continuous improvement. In addition, Mr. Wang also introduced the specific content of safety work in detail, including operating procedures, hazard source identification, accident prevention and emergency response, etc. Through case analysis, on-site demonstrations, etc., he enabled employees to more intuitively understand the specific requirements and operating methods of safety work.

                Subsequently, Manager Nie, the head of the Safety and Environmental Department, publicized and implemented the HSE (health, safety, environmental protection) management goals for 2024. He explained in detail the company's specific goals and plans for HSE management in the new year, including improving employee safety skills, strengthening on-site safety management, and optimizing environmental protection measures. He emphasized that the company will strictly follow the requirements of the HSE management system and comprehensively improve the level of corporate safety and environmental protection management.

              Through this first publicity and training course, all employees of Shandong Angyi Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. have a deeper understanding and understanding of safety management work. The company will take this training as an opportunity to further strengthen safety management measures, improve employee safety quality, and ensure the smooth progress of safety production work in the new year. At the same time, the company will continue to adhere to the concept of "safety first, prevention first", continuously improve the level of safety management, and lay a solid foundation for the healthy, stable and sustainable development of the enterprise.




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