Passionate sailing, dreams set sail ——The 2023 year-end summary and commendation conference and the 2024 New Year party concluded successfully

2024-02-03 10:00:29 hccasting

On 2nd February , 2024, the Jiutian Holiday Hotel was decorated with lights and colorful and bustling. All employees of Shandong Angyi Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. gathered together to grandly hold the 2023 year-end summary and commendation conference and the 2024 New Year party. The theme of the party is "Sail with Passion, Set Sail with Dreams".

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Wang, the general manager of the company, delivered a passionate speech. He comprehensively reviewed the company's work in 2023 and expressed his heartfelt thanks to all employees for their hard work. At the same time, he also elaborated on the company's operation and management goals for 2024, encouraging all employees to continue to carry forward the spirit of unity, hard work, pragmatism and efficiency, and contribute to the company's development.          Immediately afterwards, the company commended advanced individuals and veteran employees who have been working for more than 10 years. These outstanding employees have made outstanding contributions to the development of the company with their practical actions and outstanding performance. Finally, the employee representative took the stage to speak.

  Subsequently, the chairman of the company delivered an important speech. He first expressed his heartfelt thanks and Spring Festival blessings to all employees, and then put forward ardent expectations and requirements for the company's future development.

  Dinner and entertainment followed. The company prepared a sumptuous dinner for the employees, as well as various exciting entertainment programs, including song and dance performances, magic performances, lottery draws, etc., making the atmosphere more warm and cheerful. The entire party ended successfully in a joyful and peaceful atmosphere. All employees are confident in the company's development, and they will meet new challenges and new opportunities in 2024 with fuller enthusiasm and more solid work style.

  The successful holding of this party not only enhanced the cohesion and sense of belonging of employees, but also injected new vitality and motivation into the company's future development. The company will continue to uphold the spirit of "Sail with passion and set sail with dreams", set sail and bravely climb to new heights, and work hard to achieve a more brilliant future!





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