Machining factory was established in July 2012, invested more than 50 million purchase of advanced processing equipment: with more than 180 employees, technology development staff of 20 people.

The establishment of three Machining workshops, four production line, rotating diameter 350MM DOOSAN CNC NC 20 sets; Feeler, DOOSAN axis machining centers, more than 10 sets of large-scale processing equipment imported from AWEA gantry five-sided, machining range 5M, while ensuring the work within the five-sided geometric tolerance 0.005; original DOOSAN 1M of duplex several horizontal machining center; and supporting Taiwan imported oil machine rotation diameter 1.6M CNC vertical lathe, several rotational diameter 650MM vertical lathe, high quality precision machining equipment for product quality to provide processing hardware protection.

Testing equipment: Leader coordinate detection function 2M × 1.5M × 1M Large machined part, while advanced image item measuring instrument, product testing of products recognized by the EU to provide test data. Strict implementation of the whole process quality ISO9001:2015/ IATF16949:2016 quality control system, Wide range of Machining involved, medical equipment, environmental protection facilities, auto parts, mining machinery, petroleum machinery equipment, hardware, from small to large parts of the work roughing and finishing.

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