“Sunshine Trip, Happy Tour" Team Activity Successfully Concludes

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Sunshine Trip, Happy Tour" Team Activity Successfully Concludes

Recently, our company meticulously organized a unique team-building activity at the Yellow River Estuary Zhiqing Town. This event not only allowed employees to gain a deeper understanding of the cultural elements from the Zhiqing (Educated Youth) movement of the 1960s and 1970s and the Shandong Construction Corps, but also strengthened team cohesion and collaboration through interactive projects.

First, the employees visited the Zhiqing Town Museum. The museum houses a vast collection of precious historical artifacts and photographs, vividly recreating the touching scenes of Zhiqing's arduous struggle, rural commitment, and youthful dedication. Guided by the museum's docent, the employees listened attentively, occasionally pausing to reflect, and gained a profound understanding of the resilience and determination of people during that special period.


Next, the company organized a series of challenging team-building activities. Among them, the "Rapid 60s" project tested team members' rapid response and collaboration abilities. Participants had to complete a series of tasks within a very short time frame, where each person's performance was crucial. In the "Minefield Water Retrieval" project, team members had to skillfully navigate through a simulated "minefield" to collectively retrieve water sources, requiring not only intelligence but also trust and synergy among team members.Hengcheng

In addition, projects like "Roman Catapult" and "Sky Tower" were equally exciting and diverse. These activities not only improved employees' physical fitness but also subtly enhanced teamwork and collective sense of pride. During intense competitions, everyone encouraged each other, worked hand in hand, and faced challenges together, fully demonstrating the unity and spirit of perseverance among the company's employees.


The successful organization of this team-building activity not only enriched the leisure lives of our employees but also fostered stronger bonds among them in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, enhancing team cohesion. Upholding the management philosophy of "people-oriented," the company will continue to provide diverse and high-quality cultural and recreational activities for employees, contributing to the vigorous development of the company's business.

The successful conclusion of this team-building activity not only left unforgettable memories for our employees but also injected new vitality into the company's long-term development. Looking ahead, with renewed enthusiasm and pragmatic approach, the company will work hand in hand with all employees to create an even brighter future.

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