Angyi-hengcheng Summer Party and 19th Anniversary Celebration in 2023

2023-07-19 15:39:10 hccasting


                                        Angyi-hengcheng Summer Party and 19th Anniversary Celebration in 2023

On the beautiful night of July 18, 2023, our company celebrated the Angyihengcheng Summer Party and 19th Anniversary Celebration!

Looking back on the past nineteen years, Angyi-hengcheng has always upheld the spirit of hard work and perseverance, constantly breaking through itself and pursuing excellence in the market competition. Angyi-hengcheng people have always adhered to the corporate values of upholding the Hengcheng brand as the top priority, gratitude first, and responsibility as the most important, achieving one brilliant achievement after another for the vigorous development of Angyi-hengcheng.

We gathered not only to celebrate the 19th anniversary of our company's establishment, but also to share with everyone the joy and achievements we have achieved along the way. The hot summer cannot stop our love for life and career. We must maintain our fighting spirit and courage to move forward forever.


There were a total of 16 performances on site, and the entire show lasted nearly 3 hours. Everyone was cheering and the employees were particularly outstanding. The female employee team kicked off the show with their performance of the "Hot Hot" dance, and as the dance began, the atmosphere was passionate and enthusiastic.Hengcheng

As the performances continued, we soon arrived at the on-site lottery session - drawing the third prize. The third prize was drawn by our selected employee representatives, with 15 winners. Look! These are the employees who won the third prize, and everyone had a big smile on their face. The prize for the third prize was a mini fan.

Next, the clown brought a wonderful "Bubble Show" performance, which was enjoyed by both employees and children. The atmosphere on site was very lively.



In no time, we arrived at the second prize draw, and everyone was extremely excited. The prize for the second prize was 10 luxury air-cleaning fans, which were also drawn by representatives of outstanding employees.Hengcheng


The performances continued, and the joyful rhythm brought everyone into a happy atmosphere. The on-site show lasted nearly 3 hours, and the employees on site applauded and cheered.Hengcheng

At the event, there was also a statue of Maitreya Buddha giving out blessings, wishing us all the best and a prosperous future for our company.

Wow! The exciting moment has arrived. Who will win the grand prize? Let's wait and see. Next, our outstanding employee representatives will draw the first prize, which is 5 mountain bikes. Everyone was hoping to win one. Let's take a look at the lucky winners. Congratulations!Hengcheng

Lastly, our general manager led the employees in singing the song "Unity is Strength". Everyone was full of fighting spirit and passion, demonstrating our company's spirit of unity and hard work to the fullest.HengchengHengcheng

Through this summer party, the employees' cohesion and centripetal force were enhanced, and everyone's cultural quality and healthy development were improved. It demonstrated a new spiritual outlook of our company and brought a refreshing experience to everyone in the hot summer days!

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