Health check for free in 2023

2023-02-20 14:08:21 hccasting

  The health of employees is the biggest wealth of the company, but also the guarantee of stable development of the company.

  In order to implement the work policy of "prevention first, treatment of illness early, prevention of no disease early", to ensure the physical and mental health of every employee. On February 18, 2023, the company contacted the physical examination agency to conduct physical examination for employees in the factory.

  The physical examination included surgery, internal medicine, chest X-ray, electrocardiogram, routine hematuria, kidney function 3, liver function 5, and electric audiometry.


When the doctor carries out the physical examination, the doctor timely gives suggestions for the physical condition of the staff, so as to achieve early prevention, early detection and early treatment, so that the staff can not only understand their health state, but also progress in physical maintenance according to the doctor's advice.

Zhang Zhiying from the first workshop said, "I didn't care enough about health before. This health physical examination sounded the alarm for me. In the future, I should change my unhealthy living habits. Thanks to the company's organization, passing the physical examination not only gives us a good idea of our physical condition, but also encourages us to feel more secure in our work."

In order to ensure the breakfast of employees, the company prepared a nutritious breakfast consisting of eggs, meat buns and millet porridge for each employee who participated in the physical examination, so that employees could eat after the physical examination.


Free annual physical examination for employees is the company's continuous care for employees over the years. By carrying out the health examination of employees, every employee can know his or her health condition "in the mind", so as to ensure the physical and mental health of employees. Through the physical examination, mobilize all employees love the company, love the job enthusiasm, enhance the sense of belonging of employees, promote the harmonious development of the company.

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